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[sticky post] My WoW Cast

Just in case anyone wants to drop in, this is my current list of characters in World of Warcraft:Collapse )


CSA #3, 2015

And finally caught up! This week's Farmshare below the cut:

This week is mehCollapse )

Okay, now I'm caught up, hopefully I can keep on track.

CSA #2, 2015

Catching up with last week's share.

Farmshare, Week 2Collapse )

CSA #1, 2015

Belated CSA posts, sorry. The job change has not made it convenient for me to post. This started when we decided to do the fall farmshare and I started working 3rd shift, so Lou had to pick up the farmshare. I was an absolute mess for a few months while my body tried to adjust to the new sleep schedule. Which didn't end up working. I took pictures for every one, but only uploaded 2 pics to Flickr, it looks like. I'll have to try to fix that, just to update. I don't think we'll do the fall one again. It ended up not being as many squashes as Lou had hoped for, I think. We got a dozen eggs EVERY week tho, and we were ROLLING in them.

Anyway, we're on the 3rd week, and I've not posted but to Flickr and Twitter, so I am now trying to catch up.

CSA #1, small amount, but goodCollapse )

Fall CSA #1, 2014

As mentioned previously, Lou wanted to do the Fall CSA offering. As we are financially in a place where we can do this, I agreed. I think he mainly wanted it as it promised squash nearly every week! So we will have pictures for another 7 weeks after this, though we'll be away at Thanksgiving and have to have someone else pick up our share.

Pic & details belowCollapse )

CSA #19, 2014

Looking back, I never uploaded my last farmshare picture from last year to Flickr, so it was never posted here! Just posting for completeness.

Last Summer Farmshare of 2014Collapse )


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